Is C++ Difficult or Easy Programming Language to Learn

C++ is definitely the easiest programming language to learn due to number of quality available resources. To Learn C++ Programming there are lots of Books, Videos and Tutorials available. Yes Microsoft and other Companies do provide free Integrated Development Environments to create applications in C++. Various types of Binary Files can be created in C++ […]

Visual Studio Versions

There are many versions of Visual Studio provided by Microsoft and there are many more versions to come. For developing Applications in C++ , Microsoft does provides free Visual Studio Express Edition. In case you would like to develop commercial Applications in Visual C++, you can download Free Evaluation version from Microsoft Website and develop […]

Windows 8 App Development Course

Learn how to Create Apps for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with a short duration course. Apps Developed using Windows 8 App SDK run on Windows 8 Desktop, laptop and even on Windows 8 Mobile Phones / Tablets. This Windows 8 App Development Course is conducted in Goa of India and the Programming Language used […]

Modify Application Name of Dialog Based Application Created with Visual C++

This post tells you how you can modify the Application Name of any Application Created with Visual C++. This Example does requires you to write a little bit of C++ Code and is really easy to understand and follow. The Code written will basically display a MessageBox saying Hello World. This blog has already covered […]

Spy++ to Understand Windows Controls in a Visual C++ Dialog based Application

Graphical User Interface Applications created using Visual C++ are designed using a Resource Editor and a ToolBox. Everything in the Toolbox of Visual C++ basically represent a Window. Each Window is identified by number of attributes like Class, Window Style, Window Handle, etc. This post helps you understand the Graphical User Interface Architecture of Visual […]

Unicode or Multi Byte Visual C++ Application

This post provides information about using Non English Language Text in Graphical User Interface of Visual C++ based Applications. In this post, we are going to modify the Dialog Based Application Example created in earlier post titled Dialog Based MFC Application to have an Edit Box as displayed below. Now all you need to understand […]

What Dll Files are required to run an Application Developed with Visual C++ ?

In Order to find out what dll files (Dynamic Link Libraries) are required to an application developed with Visual C++, you need to take the help of Dependency Viewer Tool shipped with Visual Studio Professional and other Paid Editions. Dependency Walker is a really useful tool and is often used by software developers when developing […]

Dialog based MFC Application Example

A Dialog based Application created with Visual C++ is the best and quick way to learn Visual C++. The best part about using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) supplied with Visual C++ is that the basic coding and template design is done by Visual Studio Wizards. In order to create a Dialog Based Application with Visual […]

Visual C++ Course Contents

Visual C++ is best learnt from a professional teacher or trainer. The Course contents of a typical Visual C++ Course must take care of existing knowledge of the learner. In most countries, courses for Visual C++ are done on requirement basis or in other words, there are no normal batches of classes in which teacher […]

Visual C++ Training

Visual C++ is a product developed and maintained by Microsoft for developing Applications for Windows Operating System. In case you wish to learn how to develop Applications for Windows Operating System, then learning Visual C++ can be the next logical choice. Now a days there are many other programming languages so called easier than C++. […]